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The advertising industry is as fast-paced as it is exciting, and when you are running multiple campaigns supported by several microsites, have new online contests every few months and are consistently modifying your main website to drive traffic to your microsites, keeping up with the constant change can be challenging.  

That's why Slingshot is the perfect solution for your business. It's built by people who understand what it takes to succeed in your business.

This "quick to market" solution gives you the power to run your own advertising campaigns, reduces the time you spend communicating your needs to a third party, reviewing their work, requesting changes... the list goes on.

You can quickly and easily create online promotional material that that can be added to and removed from your site automatically, or delegate this work to inexpensive, non-technical resources. 

In this industry it's common to require a resource to be online at midnight posting new content or taking down time-sensitive materials. In Slingshot you can use the expiration date setting on your web pages and set your content to expire or go live right on time every time, and still get a good night's sleep! That kind of peace of mind is priceless, and with this function you will be able to plan and execute content creation on your schedule and publish content before you even need it; and because it's an automatic process, you never need to worry that you'll miss a deadline.

Once your contest or promotion is underway, inevitably you want to view the content entrants and signups from the promotion. Our data export tool allows you to quickly select which form you want to export submitted data from, and export that data to an easy-to-read Excel file.

And because promotional material can be created in the same file as your website, you can maintain a consistent look and feel through our customized templates. So what are you waiting for? Contact GryphTech today to find out how Slingshot can meet your advertising needs in a time and cost-effective way.

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